Land title registers, property transactions, academic certificates verification, personal documents storage and sharing, digital identity for proof of residency, eVoting, e-government, pension system management. These are the spheres, where innovative technologies gained the upper hand, and significantly improved efficiency, cost-saving, the way of thinking, and the way of our life.

In this article dedicated to the governmental use of blockchain technology in everyday life, we would like to show you examples of countries, which have implemented innovative stories into the history of their lands. Such solutions have led them not only to the protection of the citizens, but also to the efficiency, and cost-saving practices.


The first country while mentioning the e-services, which comes to everyone’s mind is Estonia, one of the leaders in transforming the whole old system into another plane. The Republic of Estonia, or how it is called back home Eesti

Cannabis has always been and remains a hot topic for most of the countries, however, the world is moving towards the decriminalization of not only medical cannabidiols, that take part in the treatment process, but also towards the legalization in terms of recreational use. Not mentioning pros and cons of such a decision, this tendency means a need for the services in the supply chain management, as well as in assuring the safety of consumers.

There can be a lot of different ways to protect customers and fight counterfeit products, but today our team would like to show you, the…

For the aviation and aerospace industry 2020 has been an unprecedented year due to the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. For illustration, according to Eurocontrol data the 7 day rolling average traffic over Europe in the last week of 2020 was at only 27% in comparison with the same period of 2019. Looking back at 2020 not only from the perspective of Covid-19 impacts but also discussing the present and future of digital in aerospace and larger industrial contexts, it is my pleasure to have Eric Gibbons as a guest now at the very beginning of 2021. Currently busy with…


Today, at the hard times of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the fear that people are facing on a daily basis, healthcare institutions play an even more important role in protecting lives by ensuring our physical, mental, and emotional health, and maintaining the stability of the whole country by providing above-mentioned services. However, as with every system on this planet, the medical sphere has its own problems and gaps for improvement, that could help in the diagnosis and curing of diseases by tracking every step of the treatment and securing data about patients.

Have you ever thought how important it can…

In the view of many, blockchain technology is a hype word describing the fairly complicated, unclear, difficult to understand computer network which was supposed to change everything but has changed little. It was supposed to be this revolutionary tech that was going to change the World but which finally doesn’t do anything more than what a well-maintained Excel spreadsheet can do. These views are very similar to what an average person would probably think back in 1989 when she/he would hear that Sir Tim Berners-Lee of CERN invented the thing called “world wide web”. …


In the modern world full of technological solutions and innovations, companies are looking for new ways of cutting costs, increasing productivity, or attracting customers by being highly-transparent and open. Such needs can be satisfied by a number of techniques, but one of the most recent and revolutionary is known as blockchain technology, which can help enterprises in different fields and stages of development to be open, modern, and engrossing for consumers.

There are many examples of using this technology by large, medium, small, or even microenterprises throughout the world but we, a team of 3IPK, would like to focus on…

If you order tuna, salmon or other sea products in restaurants, you are expecting to get them served; however, it is not always the case, as there is a chance to get the false product. It is known as seafood fraud.


Types of seafood fraud can include mislabelling, selling cheaper substitute products labeled as high-quality ones, or adding too much ice, so the fish weighs more. All these situations can lead to serious consequences to enterprises and other participating sides, however, a lot of them are not afraid and use such practices anyway. Why is it so? The answer is…

Jeden zo zakladajúcich členov Cechu vinohradníkov a vinárov Slovenska a výrobca vína, Martin Pomfy, nám vysvetlil aká je situácia vo vinárstve na Slovensku. Prezradil, s akými problémami sa musia výrobcovia potýkať, čo im sťažuje podmienky, ale aj čo by v budúcnosti mohlo zlepšiť aktuálnu situáciu. Takýto komplexný prehľad by mal mať každý milovník vína, ktorý sa zaujíma o kvalitné víno a budúcnosť tohto dlhoročného slovenského remesla


Ako to vyzeralo vo vinárskom priemysle, keď ste ešte len začínali? Ako sa zmenila situácia oproti podmienkam pestovateľov predošlej generácie?

Keď som začínal s výrobou vína, drvivá väčšina vinárstiev sa zaoberala výrobou sudových vín…

The counterfeiting of pharmaceuticals has been detected since about 1990 and, recently, the problem has worsened. Pharmaceutical counterfeiting is becoming a serious problem both in developed and developing countries. The WHO (World Health Organization) system receives reports from every region of the world, providing strong evidence that the problem is global.


According to the OECD/EUIPO (European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights, and together with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) in 2019 study, the value of global trade in counterfeit pharmaceuticals was up to USD 4.4 billion in 2016. This represents 0.84% …


The figures published in 2015 say that every year as many as 600 million, or almost 1 in 10 people in the world, fall ill after eating contaminated food. Of these, 420,000 die, including 125,000 children younger than 5 years. Considering that the number of fraudulent practices recognized is on the rise even emphasizes the gravity of the situation. This overview should raise the food scandal awareness among consumers and motivate honest producers to show their qualities, because everyone deserves to know the origin of the food.

According to the European Commission, The EU Food Fraud Network, 2019 had the…


3IPK develops blockchain-based solutions automating certification, supply chain and maintenance of processes for aerospace, defence & other consumer goods.

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