3IPK Addressing the Issues of Aerospace Supply Chain

2 min readMay 17, 2019

On Tuesday 14th of May our CEO Maria Capova attended the Metro ON Line 2019 conference in Poprad, Slovakia where she showcased application of blockchain technology in aerospace supply chain.

3IPK powered by DCore blockchain is a very concrete example of a cost effective digital solution for supply chain management especially suited for aerospace industry which is currently the main focus of 3IPK. The aerospace supply chain is very wide and deep, distributed globally and thus the flows of information, data, documents and goods are very hard to track in real time, being source of major process inefficiencies. Currently used methods and tools are mostly paper-based and even though there are some digital ones such as various ERP systems or even Excel they don’t assure sufficient data security, transparency and traceability that are required in such highly regulated environment as aerospace and this from design through production up to in-service and maintenance lifecycle phases.

3IPK proposes a software solution based on blockchain to digitize and automate aerospace processes and to make supply chain management more transparent, secure and efficient increasing overall business competitiveness of the whole ecosystem. Leveraging the features of blockchain such as immutability and security of data, transparency, traceability and auditability, the 3IPK solution brings these missing elements to the processes of aerospace industry.

The 3IPK solution allows for automated management of full digital data/documentation flow across the supply chain including capturing of approvals generating thus “digital fingerprints” of each data set and track and trace of physical goods throughout their lifecycle from manufacturing to out of service.

This way an end-to-end connection of secured data to securely traceable physical goods in a secured database is established thanks to usage of blockchain technology.

In addition to blockchain leveraging techniques like AI, machine learning and big data analysis unrivalled levels of process automation can be achieved aiming to reduce substantially the overhead costs of complex industrial processes.

The Metro ON Line 2019 conference has been only the beginning of exciting news and plans which 3IPK will be unveiling in coming weeks and months. Stay tuned for next updates from our CEO as well as from our business development teams.

The CEO of 3IPK Maria Capova speaking at Metro ON Line 2019




3IPK develops blockchain-based solutions automating certification, supply chain and maintenance of processes for aerospace, defence & other consumer goods.