3IPK establishes partnership with IBM

2 min readJun 18, 2019

3IPK announces partnership with IBM to develop the 3IPK Enterprise solution providing advanced DCore blockchain-based IT systems and services for aerospace, defense, nuclear and other industry sectors to drive a step change process efficiency improvement and competitiveness boost for its customers.

Maria Capova, CEO of 3IPK, explains: “For a startup company such as 3IPK, cooperation with such a big global player as IBM means a big step forward. The partnership became reality thanks to Ivan Malik, member of IBM Slovakia Partner and Startup Ecosystem program who had discovered 3IPK as an interesting startup company developing an innovative blockchain-based solution aiming to improve efficiency and increase data security in aerospace industry.”

Ivan Malik provides IBM’s view on this cooperation: “After further explanation of the 3IPK solution leveraging features of blockchain such as immutability and inherent security of data, traceability and auditability and several discussions with our expert Jan Papousek, Consultant IBM Lab Services, we have identified big potential for 3IPK blockchain solutions in many areas. IBM has a proven track record of delivered disruptive innovation and as such we are eager to cooperate with the Slovak startups and help the ecosystem to deliver tangible results.”

3IPK welcomes partnering up with IBM due to its vast technological opportunities, services and experience that IBM can offer as well as the large network of partners and customers that could benefit from 3IPK Enterprise solution by bringing digitalization and automation to corporate and industrial processes and make them more efficient and optimized.

“This partnership is a huge enabler for 3IPK to deliver integrated industrial-scale blockchain solutions and services to its end customers who are mostly large corporations relying on existing complex IT infrastructure. 3IPK shall take advantage of this cooperation to combine its efficient and agile blockchain system with the solid and corporate-sized IT infrastructure IBM can offer; be it variety of cloud services, access to Watson’s supercomputing power or database management solutions. Finally, the help of experienced IBM consultants and experts to tailor perfect integrated corporate 3IPK solutions will prove crucial for accessing even the largest industrial customers”, states Juraj Zamecnik, 3IPK’s Board Member.

One of the first steps of 3IPK’s partnership with IBM was the opportunity to participate in IBM Think Summit 2019 which took place on Tuesday, June 11 in Bratislava. This innovative conference included very interesting and current business topics presented by experienced speakers including blockchain, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence and its practical use-cases which are of great interest for 3IPK to enhance further its product.

Next 3IPK is going to attend the event Cutting Edge Technology Guidebook for Entrepreneurs by Global Player organized by IBM at Campus City on 20 June in Bratislava, Slovakia.

“Currently, 3IPK works hard on preparing the industrial Proof of Concept. Partnership with IBM shall accelerate this process and I am looking forward to see the first 3IPK Enterprise solution up and running!”, concludes Capova.




3IPK develops blockchain-based solutions automating certification, supply chain and maintenance of processes for aerospace, defence & other consumer goods.