3IPK joins the German Industry Business Network 4.0 Association

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3IPK is delighted to announce joining of the German Industry Business Network 4.0 association as a full member as of October 9th, 2019.

Bavaria-based Industry Business Network 4.0 is an association of industrial, IT and business companies aiming to drive a standardization process for the Industry 4.0 for the European SME industry. Industry Business Network 4.0 develops an open-source operating system IndustryFusion Project that intends to provide an IT technological backbone allowing interoperability of various Industry 4.0 solutions across multiple European industry sectors. Participating companies include major European industrial solutions providers such as Microstep Europa, stürmsfs, Freudenberg, Messer, Donaldson and several more as well as institutions like Fraunhofer or TÜV Sud.

3IPK is expected to be an active partner in IndustryFusion Project and to work on various use-cases which are being studied in this framework. These use-cases involve development of blockchain-based methods for automated and transparent management of manufacturing processes, track & trace solutions for critical parts and efficiency improvements for supply chain and logistics.

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From left to right; CEO and Co-founder of 3IPK Maria Capova, Chairman of the Board of Industry Business Network 4.0 Igor Mikulina & COO and Co-founder of 3IPK Juraj Zamecnik.

Juraj Zamecnik, co-founder and COO of 3IPK explains; “it is a major milestone for such a young company as 3IPK, to be accepted in a club where the future of interoperable Industry 4.0 is being designed as an overarching solution across companies and industries. 3IPK is ready to bring the advantages of blockchain technology such as data immutability, traceability and security to the IndustryFusion Project and implement in the near future first industrial Proofs of Concept together with our partners.”

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3IPK develops blockchain-based solutions automating certification, supply chain and maintenance of processes for aerospace, defence & other consumer goods.

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