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3IPK’s first customer in food industry is Slovak Chocolate Manufacturer LYRA

Slovak premium chocolate manufacturer LYRA adopts 3IPK’s industrial blockchain system to track its supply chain, demonstrate the quality of ingredients and prove the origin of your chocolate bar. The purpose of 3IPK solution is to maximize efficiency of business processes and increase transparency both internally and externally.

“Working with Lyra opened new doors to a completely new industry for us. As it happens in almost every start-up, we expanded our spectrum of industries since we had seen the opportunity in cooperation with open-minded people in Lyra who are willing to bring innovation and more attractive products to global food market;” says the CEO and co-founder of 3IPK, Maria Capova.

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3IPK delivers a blockchain based Software as a Service solution by tracking the steps in production process of supply chain, by using DECENT’s DCore platform, from harvesting cacao beans on family farms in Colombia through roasting and making cocoa mass delivered to Lyra factory in Ivanka pri Nitre, Slovakia. Each customer can discover the process and read about every step of Lyra Gallery chocolate bar with a timestamp and location tracking through blockchain technology.

Every Gallery Edition chocolate bar has its own unique QR code, all you need is a smartphone, scan the QR code on the back of your chocolate, and you will be led to a unique story of your individual chocolate bar.

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The Lyra Gallery chocolate bar comes in 6 different variations.

Partnership with a prestige chocolate manufacturer benefits both the operational management of the company and, moreover, enlightens the consumers about Lyra’s core values and brings transparency to chocolate production by using the blockchain technology.

Karol Styblo, who represents the company as Master Chef Chocolatier and CEO says; “It is the personal attitude that matters to us and most importantly, to our customers. We carefully select fewer high quality ingredients and then we personalize each step of chocolate in making.”

Blockchain chocolates will be available in Yeme stores from 23rd of October 2019, and in other stores soon. Gallery Edition is available on eshop, so get yours and enjoy! We invite everyone to taste the first blockchain chocolate in YEME, Bratislava Old town, Námestie SNP 18 on October 23rd. The tasting will continue in all YEME stores till Saturday.

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3IPK develops blockchain-based solutions automating certification, supply chain and maintenance of processes for aerospace, defence & other consumer goods.

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