Digital Transformation & the First Lyra Blockchain Chocolate Built by 3IPK

3 min readOct 4, 2019

Last week, on September 24, 3IPK hosted the “3IPK Blockchain & Industry 4.0 Forum” event in Bratislava. 3IPK together with DECENT announced an unveiled partnership with prestige Slovak chocolate manufacturer, Lyra. The main goal of using blockchain technology, will be to provide customers oversight into chocolate bar production from it’s very own beginning or so called “from-production-to-table”. Tracking system is powered by blockchain platform DCore.

Each of Lyra’s “Gallery” chocolate bars will have a unique QR code, which customers can scan in order to track all phases of each chocolate’s individual production process. Event attendees were lucky to try it for the first time in real life.

From left to right; Lyra’s founder & Master Chef Chocolatier Karol Styblo, DECENT’s Head of Product Management Martin Kralik, Lyra’s Head of Marketing Katarina Jaklovska and the co-founders of 3IPK, CEO Maria Capova and COO Juraj Zamecnik.

Through the event, 3IPK and event partners MicroStep Europa and Industry Business Network 4.0 have discussed topics on Industry 4.0; and digital transformation in aerospace, nuclear and defence industries as well as luxury goods industry, across the European industrial landscape. All keynote guests agreed that digital transformation is a continuous process; moreover, the safety and data security are both equally important factors. The role of blockchain technology and larger digital transformation context were discussed in a panel discussion led by Juraj Zamecnik together with panelists from Microstep Europa, Airbus and IBM.

As stated by Juraj Zamecnik, COO 3IPK; “I’m glad we were able to put together such a diverse group of panelists coming from 3 different industries and presenting 3 different views on digital transformation challenges. IBM as one of the largest IT companies in the world, Industry Business Network 4.0 working hard on open source interoperability solutions for Industry 4.0 and finally Airbus, the world’s second biggest aerospace firm taking on the challenges of digital transformation.”

Maria Capova, the CEO of 3IPK expressed; “We are very happy 3IPK is a part of Lyra’s blockchain chocolate project. The food quality, originality and transparency in production process has become an important factor for more people, in recent years. Thanks to blockchain, all steps in the process can be tracked and customers can find out where exactly their chocolate comes from. We are looking forward to further develop our cooperation with Lyra and to bring more blockchain chocolate bars to the market.”

“Overall, we are glad that 3IPK Blockchain & Industry 4.0 Forum in Bratislava has connected digital technology leaders and experts from broad industries” according to Maria Capova; “We are not only limited to technology oriented businesses but we see further opportunities of blockchain technology application far beyond and hope to deliver “blockchain goods” also in other industries”.




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