Interview with aerospace professional Eric Gibbons: Lookback at 2020 and digital outlook on 2021

Juraj Zamecnik: In 2019 and previous years digital and everything connected to it was in the driving seat of engineering and industrial strategies of aerospace companies around the world who saw digital as the key enabler to improved efficiency in order to compete in a highly tense market. Did digital manage to keep its place during 2020 and what are the outlooks for 2021?

JZ: We talked together in autumn 2019 at 3IPK Blockchain & Industry 4.0 Forum in Bratislava about the role of blockchain and its possible applications in the aerospace industry. Do you still believe that blockchain as technology has its place in aerospace and what are in your view the hottest areas for implementation?

JZ: What are the main challenges and opportunities that you personally see when it comes to digital transformation in aerospace but also wider manufacturing industries?

JZ: Is there a difference in approaches to digital transformation in Europe, the US, Middle East or China?

JZ: To conclude, when do you think we will be able to board a full zero-emission aircraft for which there’s a full digital twin?



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